Monday, February 2, 2009


Bit of a rough weekend. Alex did one of the classic small child self-injury actions. He burned his fingers on the stove.

We were cooking dinner on Saturday night and he just came up to the stove and tried to touch the glowing element. He yanked it back so quickly that, at first, I was hopeful that I'd managed to startle him before he could actually touch it. But the first howls of pain put the lie to that hope. We managed to get it under cold water fairly promptly but he's got a blister on the pad of every finger on his right hand. The worst one is on his index finger, the blister covers almost the entire pad.

According to Telehealth, he should be fine as long as he keeps the blisters intact and he doesn't get an infection. He's protecting that hand fairly fiercely, keeping it curled up in a fist for the most part, so fingers crossed on that front, everyone.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank the nurse at Telehealth. She was very understanding and quickly grasped the difficulties that Alex's autism presents. An excellent professional assessment and I only regret that I didn't catch her name. Thank you.

He's doing very well with using his left hand for everything and aside from not using that right hand, he's pretty much back to normal.

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