Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Favourite Toy

I just have to share about this because it is too cute and too funny.

On Sunday, Alex went to the grocery store with his Dad. They went right past the toys and balloons without a whimper but when they went down the paper goods aisle, he got quite excited and demanded "Toilet paper!" We needed to pick some up so Dave got an eight pack and gave it to him.

Well, Alex hugged that pack to him all through the grocery store. And in the car. And once he got home. He even ended up taking it to bed with him. We snuck it out of his room and put it away in the closet.

When he got up on Monday, he demanded it right away. "Toilet paper!" I told him it had been put away and tried to distract him with other toys but no luck. He was absolutely insistent. He even dragged a chair over to the closet and tried to reach it himself. Eventually, I gave in and let him haul it around again. To give you an idea on how popular it's been, his second favourite toys have been a pair of yellow balloons. Nathan took one and Alex howled and tried to get it back, dropping the toilet paper in the process. Nathan, crafty little soul that he is, dropped the balloon and grabbed the toilet paper. Alex immediately abandoned the balloon and went to rescue the toilet paper, leaving Nathan to enjoy the balloons.

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