Friday, September 25, 2009

Daddy's Guilt Trip

On Monday, Dave had the day off and we had a good day with the boys. Alex did very well at kindergarten and had a fantastic speech therapy session. We were playing outside on the playstructure and the boys were having a good time when we got a call from Dave's boss, who was locked out of their office. Dave being the closest to the actual building, was the first called.

Dave asks the boys if either of them would like to go with him. Both of them just kept playing, so he went ahead inside. At that point, Alex decided he wanted to go and Dave took him into the car.

When the garage door opened, Nathan decided he wanted to go, too. He ran around the house just in time to see Dave pulling out of the driveway. I ran after him, shouting and waving and hoping to get Dave's attention. But no luck.

Nathan ran after the car for almost 300 metres, until the first major intersection, where I stopped him. He was perfectly happy, shouting "Daddy! Daddy!" like he thought Dave was playing some game of tag or hide and seek. I'm waving and jumping, still hoping to catch Dave's attention, but he disappeared around the corner.

Luckily I was able to distract Nathan so he didn't get upset. We played around at the bottom of the street for awhile before heading back to our own backyard. There was no real distress on his part, just excitement.

When Dave got back, I told him what happened and as expected, he felt bad about having ditched his little boy. But on the other hand, it's a good lesson for both boys that when someone asks if you want to go, you have to speak up quickly. Since Nathan wasn't upset at all, I'm inclined to think the whole thing was funny. :)

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