Sunday, October 18, 2009

Newspaper Article and Walkathon

As some of you know, our family was profiled in the local newspaper. The article was very well done and presented a fair perspective. We were interviewed because of the difference in how early each of our sons was diagnosed and the differences it made. With Alex, there was such a lengthly period between first thinking something might be wrong and actually getting the diagnosis and then again before we could actually begin treatment (especially the publicly-funded treatment). I think that in some ways we lost some good chances, but at the same time, I know that we did the best that we could with the resources and information we had. Nathan got the benefit of our education with Alex. Now, to be fair, he also seems to have fewer challenges, especially on a sensory level. But he also had less time to retreat into himself and set patterns of behaviour. His progress has been much faster than Alex's. The article focused on that difference and was promoting a new clinic that promises diagnosis and treatment information much faster.

In other news, Nathan's preschool had a walkathon this weekend. It was quite cute to see all of the little ones, some in their school t-shirts over heavy winter coats and others in their Hallowe'en costumes. We met at a local park and walked around the duck pond. Nathan made three circuits, which I think is quite impressive for a little guy who isn't quite three yet. Dave took some pictures so hopefully we'll get some up on here so that everyone can see. Alex also joined us (it was the least he could do since he's an alumni of the same preschool) and he did a long walk along the outer circuit of the park with his aide. I had to stay put at the meeting place to collect people's pledge forms. I don't know how much money we raised but it was certainly a thick sheaf of paper, enough to fill both my pockets! I'm sure we did very well. It was pretty cold, below zero in the wind and ice on the smaller streams, so the boys only stayed for about forty minutes before Dave took them home. Then they came to collect their somewhat frozen mother a few hours later. Overall, I think it was a good success. The kids had fun, no huge tantrums or tearbursts. The adults seemed to enjoy themselves, too. A few even showed up in costume (Bob the Builder, a bunny and Merlin getting my personal thumbs-up). There was even an adorable little miniature fluffy dog wearing a little cap with horns.

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