Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Nathan had his first day of preschool today and it went wonderfully. There were two things I was worried about. Would he be okay with having shoes on instead of crocs? And was he going to be anxious about being left alone? He did protest about his shoes but eventually accepted them on his feet and left them on in the car and wore them all day without a problem. And he had no problem with being left alone. He just walked into the classroom and sat down and started playing. Even when I said goodbye, there was hardly a blink on his part.

I've heard from the teachers that he had a fantastic time. He sat on his own for snack and poured his own juice and enjoyed his crackers and grapes. He sat for the entire circle and listened to the songs and stories. He took turns on his own initiative with another child when playing with a toy. There was a brief temper tantrum when Nathan wanted to leave the class and wasn't allowed to. Another little boy noticed and asked the teacher "Is Nathan sad?" to which the teacher replied "No, he's mad that he can't leave." The little boy then went over to Nathan and began building a block tower nearby. Nathan got interested and joined in the play, tantrum forgotten. The little boy then told the teacher: "See, he's happy now that he can play."

I forsee great things for that little boy. Such compassion is rare enough in adults and I hope that he stays as sweet and insightful as he is now.

Nathan also had a great time outside at the park and didn't want to come home. But when he saw me, he was all smiles and happiness. I got a big hug and he said "Bye-bye" to all the other waiting parents. We're even recognizing some familiar faces from other playgroups and from when Alex was at the preschool. It's like a little mini-reunion.

I am so proud of Nathan and how he's done. And I am very happy with the preschool. They've been accepting and wonderful and you can tell that they're genuinely pleased to have him in the class. He's going to do great there.

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