Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holiday Finale

It's all over now. The decorations have been packed away for yet another eleven months and tucked into their corner of the basement. Overall it's been a good holiday but I think we're all looking forward to getting back into the routine.

On other notes, Alex has been having a lot of trouble going to sleep lately. Although he's been going to bed at the regular time, it was starting to be normal occurrence that he was still awake after eleven and sometimes even midnight. Dave made a great observation that maybe it was the overhead light keeping him awake (Alex is tall enough to manipulate the switch himself and often turns it back on after we turn it off). So we removed the bulbs from the lamp and left a dim nightlight on a high shelf so that he had a little light.

He was asleep within fifteen minutes.

And today he's been sweet and attentive without the usual tantrums. The big test will come tonight to see if he goes to sleep again. Fingers crossed.

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