Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Spirit

We put up our holiday decorations today. Lots of sparkling lights and tinsel and various non-breakable ornaments amid garlands. I like the holidays and it makes a nice change in the decor, even though until now, I've been the only one in the house who cared about it.

No longer! Alex has been very excited all day watching the decorations go up. He's been dancing around and jumping up and down, singing Jingle Bells, which he remembers from last year. He even helped me with hanging some of the ornaments. He can't quite manage a string but he's pretty good at hanging a hook off the branches. We've been working today on hanging ornaments back on the tree after he knocks them off and I've actually caught him doing it without being prompted. It's such a great sign of how well he's been doing at listening to and following instructions.

At bedtime, he asked if he could take some of the ornaments up with him. I told him that they had to stay on the tree. He thought about that for a minute and then asked if he could take the tree upstairs.

I politely declined.

It's so exciting to see him excited and enthusiastic about the holidays. Fingers crossed and knock on wood, maybe this will be the year that he gets it.

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