Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Boys who did good

On the weekend, we attended a Christmas cocktail party at my grandmother's so that she could have a chance to see everyone before she heads down to Florida. The two boys did very well. Alex ran around exploring every room, finding his brother's present in the closet and dragging it out to play with. Nathan was fascinated by the various mirrors. Both boys were interested in their little cousin, who will be turning one year old in a few weeks. She was just learning to walk and Alex offered to help her keep her balance by holding her hands. Unfortunately he lost interest and ran off, leaving her to clutch frantically to the sofa, but then he tried to teach her a clapping game by doing some very gentle hand-over-hand.

Nathan was his usual charming self, patting his cousin on the head and bestowing kisses on the adults. He was not happy with the snacks set out, trying a mini quiche and a breaded cheese stick, but he just politely gave the rejects to me to hold and set merrily about his way.

I'm very proud of how both boys behaved. They were reasonably quiet and calm and certainly fairly happy to be with the extended family. They got some good gifts from their grandmother. Nathan got one of these connector block sets that interlock and he's been very happy playing with it. Alex got a little cat shaped piano with various drumbeats and songs. It's been his constant companion since he got it. He's particularly fond of the samba beat, jumping up and down with a big grin when he plays it.

So good for you, my boys. I'm proud of you.

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