Friday, December 3, 2010

2010 Christmas Wishlists

Jennifer writes (and David posts):

Dave is requesting a non-stuff Christmas so he'd rather get options to go out and do something rather than a physical present. If tickets, etc, seem too pricey, then a cash donation is always acceptable.

Ideas for tickets: Australian Pink Floyd Show, Hockey, plays at the NAC, etc (he tends to enjoy the classics more than the moderns), concerts at the NAC (he enjoys the pops series).

Other ideas: gift certificates to restaurants, movies, Chapters, Tip Top or the Bay.

I'll take a second ticket to an event that Dave wants to go to as my
gift (except hockey). Anything at the NAC would be a nice evening for me.

DVDs: Blindside, Connie and Carla, Easy A

Gift Certificates: Chapters, Future Shop, Addition Elle, The Shoe Company

For the boys, we're also asking for a reduction in the sheer amount of stuff that comes home with us. Alex is very much enjoying playing soccer at school and he's enjoying music, so if someone would like to help cover the costs of some lessons, that would be great.

He would love to have an iPad of his own.

Clothes: Tops: size 7/8 Pants: size 6 or 6X Shoes: size 13

Books: He's doing very well with more complex stories and seems to really like the more scientific stuff, like geography or nature books.

Interests: Sesame Street, Elmo, Wiggles, science, numbers + math

Gift Certificates: iTunes (he likes a lot of music and videos and has his own iPod)

We're asking for a reduction of stuff for both boys but for Nathan, we'd also like to skip the clothes. His drawers are literally bursting
with stuff.

Nathan really loves to dance so if anyone would like to help with the cost of lessons, that would be great.

Interests: Sesame Street, Dinosaurs, music, animals

Toy ideas: musical instruments (of reasonable quality and simple to play), toy figures or animals.

Our dollhouse has been broken in disputes and Nathan would love to get
a new one.